How do I register?

Instructions for registering to vote

In order to register to vote in Kansas you must be eligible and registered. To register to vote, follow these instructions.

1. Obtain a Kansas Voter Registration Application

  1. On paper. Click here to print the form: Voter Registration Application (Español). The application is also available at your county election office, at the Secretary of State's office, or at various sites around the state. Some sites are required by law and others may be designated by the county election officer. These sites include many banks, grocery stores, libraries, city offices, and at public events such as county fairs and the state fair.
  2. Online. To register to vote online, you must have a valid Kansas driver's license or nondriver's identification card. If you do, click here to access the website: Online Voter Registration.

2. Complete the application carefully

  1. On paper. Read and carefully answer all required questions. The form will be rejected if you do not answer "Yes" to the citizen and age questions, or provide your address and birth date. If any other information is incomplete or illegible, you may receive a call from the county election office asking for more information. Sign and date the application.
  2. Online. If you have a valid Kansas driver's license or nondriver's identification card, follow the steps you must complete in the online voter registration process: Verify your voting eligibility; Verify that you have a valid driver's license or nondriver's identification card; Enter your personal information; Review and submit your information.

3. Turn in your application

  1. On paper. Return the fully completed application to your county election office by mail, by fax, or in person. County addresses are listed on the back of the application.
  2. Online. Review and submit your information electronically.
  3. Deadlines. The deadline to register to vote for any election is 21 days prior to that election. (2018 deadlines are July 17 for the primary election and October 16 for the general election.) The deadline to change party affiliation from one party to another is June 1st. Applications postmarked by that day will be accepted and processed for that election. If the postmark is missing or illegible, the application will be accepted only if received in the election office by the 9th day before the election. Applications received during the 20-day period when registration is closed will not be valid for that election. These applications will be processed beginning the day after the election.

4. Receive your certificate of registration by mail from the county election office.

  1. Verify information. It is important that you make sure the information on your certificate of registration is accurate.
  2. Report errors. If any information is incorrect, contact your county election office.

Instructions for updating voter
registration information

Update voter registration information, such as name changes, address changes, or party affiliation changes, in one of the following ways.

  1. On paper. Complete a new Voter Registration Application (Español) and return it to your county election office or the Secretary of State's office.
  2. Online. If you have a Kansas driver's license, you may register or update your information using Online Voter Registration.
  3. Alternative. Changing the information on your driver's license will automatically update your voter registration information unless you decline.

Moving issues

  1. Within the same county. If you move to a new address within the same county you should update your information as soon as possible. If you move after the registration deadline you can still vote a complete ballot at the precinct assigned to your old address. When you go to vote you will be required to complete a new voter registration application.
  2. To a different county in Kansas. If you are moving to a different county in Kansas before the registration deadline you must complete a new voter registration application. If you move to a different county after the registration deadline you will need to vote at the precinct assigned to your old address. At that time you will be required to complete an affidavit of former precinct residence and a new voter registration application.
  3. To Kansas from a different state. If you move to Kansas and the deadline to register has not passed, you should register in order to vote a regular ballot. If you move to Kansas less than 45 days before an election and the deadline to register to vote has passed, you may vote a president-only ballot. Kansas law requires that you possess the qualifications of a Kansas elector, except for the residency requirement. You are not required to have been registered in the state of your previous address. To vote a president-only ballot, you must go to your county election office by noon the day before the general election and complete the required forms. You may then cast your ballot for president at the county election office.

Conducting a voter registration drive

A person/organization wanting to conduct a voter registration drive may obtain a supply of voter registration applications and distribute them, but they should be mindful of laws governing distribution of applications and timely transmittal to the election office.

Workers who have the Voter Registration Kit in hand at the voter registration drive will be equipped to assist the new voter registration applicant to totally complete the application. Only after a new application is fully filled out, and turned in with a citizenship document, can the person be added to the voter registration list.